Photo Gallery

Need some inspiration? Browse our photo gallery to see what has gone before.

405 Bedroom suit with extra wide Bedsides

121 Marri Display Cabinet

901 Top Mounted Sink Bathroom Cabinet

903 Marri Bathroom Recessed Sink

902 Jarrah Bathroom Cabinet

406 Banjo's Log Bedhead and Bedsides

213 Round table with Fig Tree Legs

301 Old Style Jarrah Kitchen Cabinet

122 Featured Marri Buffet

Marri & French Oak Bar

123 Marri Buffet

206 Marri Dining Table & Chairs

207 Blackbutt Dining Table & Chairs

Desk & Filing Cabinet

124 Marri Modern 1 Wine Buffet

904 Marri Top Mounted sink Bathroom Cabinet

125 Jarrah Hutch

409 Marri and Jarrah Blanket Box

126 Sheoak and Jarrah Bookcase

127 Marri Buffet Modern 2